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His range last season was similar to Votto's (Alonso RF/G 8.74; Votto RF/G 8.16). Where do you get the "on the bag glove issues?" Thin air? Or is there a real source? Everyone's range "could" get worse as they go...easy statement to make...source?

HIs range numbers might have been the same or similiar on paper but we know thats not true because Votto has much better foot speed and range than does Alonso. The on the bag glovework issues is admittedly a small sample size but every time I have seen the kid play he's misplayed a ball thrown to him at 1st, coincidence, perhaps but it didn't look like he had proper technique to begin with and he didn't seem to read the ball well either. He's reaching with his glove and not moving his feet/body to the ball. Like I said it's certainly fixable and I assume he'll do just that but until he does he hasn't. And no I'm no scout but I do understand proper technique and he doesn't have it.