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I don't get blaming Manning for this game. I thought he was just about as "on" as he's been throughout the playoffs. Some of the throws he made were incredible. He threw two passes to Dallas Clark on the run that were pinpoint passes. The TD pass he threw was a great pass. He should have had two TDs, but Wayne dropped the ball at the end. It may not have mattered because they still needed the onside kick. The pick-6 was a mis-communication between Wayne and Manning, but that's going to happen a couple times a game when you don't huddle and use hand signals for everything. You just have to hope those balls fall incomplete.
It is kind of a polarizing topic. Manning made the biggest mistake of the game. The slant route was predictable and the Saints knew it was coming, that is on Manning. I think the Saints did a heck of a job playing keep away but I just still can't get past the pick 6.