Talking to Todd Frazier
Posted by jfay January 27th, 2010, 6:54 pm

I caught up with Todd Frazier before his appearance on the Hot Stove Show. Heres what he had to say:

On the fact the Reds plan to play him at some shortstop during camp: Ive been playing there my whole life. Its my favorite position. I would love to go back to shortstop. No complaints there. Its good to hear. But you never know whats going to happen in spring training.

When did you last play short? I havent played it in a year and a half. Shortstop is a position you can get used to quickly. Its not like second base. In the offseason, I take groundballs at every position. When you get back to shortstop, you get that feeling back a little bit: This is the position I grew up playing and that I love.

On being in big league camp last year: I had a blast, picking everyones braining, understanding the major league level of baseball. Just getting to know the guys was awesome.

On making the big league team: Thats the goal right there to make the major league squad. If I put forth the effort I know I can, I think I have a good shot at making the major league squad.

On his offseason routine: Ive been working out for the last month and half. Ive been going real hard. Im swinging it a lot more. Ive been working with a different guy. Hes working on not necessarily getting stronger right away. Were building up the power, getting the hips more involved in the swing. Little things. I feel a lot stronger so far.

On being too big for shortstop: Ive been hearing that my whole life. I wasnt mad at all (when the Reds moved him). I knew they wanted to try me out at different position. I understood. All I was worried about was hitting. I love to come to ballpark not knowing what position Im playing. Its kind of cool. Ive got five or six different gloves ready to go on any given day.

On playing left field: Ive been getting the arm going. Im ready to go.