I thought I'd share with folks a celebration our family is having. Today is my folks' 60th wedding anniversary. Our immediate family, about 40 of us, are getting together on Sunday for dinner to celebrate with Mom & Dad. On Sunday, there will be an announcement in the Enquirer with a picture of my then 20 year old folks dancing away, looking like a couple of star struck lovers. And Monday will be Mom's 82nd birthday (she celebrated her 22nd birthday on their honeymoon). Eight kids and 22 grandkids later, the story continues, although they're slowing down a bit. Any way, a good day for us to celebrate.

I told my Mom that Dad looked like he thought he was the luckiest guy in the world and she said, "well, he is!". That's my folks.

And in September, my wife's parents will celebrate their 65th anniversary (knock on wood!) - 125 years of marriage between the two couples. Our 28 years thus far pales just a tiny bit.