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Do you have only one UTIL spot? Also, if you were starting from scratch which players would you draft in the first 4 rounds? I know you have ARod too but Zimmerman is good so you wouldn't have to worry about your dh and if another team wouldn't want to upgrade via trade from a lesser 3rd baseman to Zimmerman well ...

One other point (if I can remember it ), if you do decide to keep Reyes I'd make sure to get a backup in the draft. Maybe Zobrist or Asdrubal Cabrera. Those players should be eligible at both 2nd and short so if you like the 2nd basemen that are still available late better than the shortstops you'd have some flexibility.
Yes, this league only has one UTIL. I agree that having Zimmerman in the UTIL spot is not a bad problem to have and I could trade him if needed. I don't think I can keep Reyes with him being out most likely the 1st month of the season.