Welcome to the second season of the Redszone Dynasty League!

All 12 managers from last year have returned to play again this year. I can say from experience that is very unusual in the realm of fantasy sports. It is a testament to the dedication of the managers and the structure of the league.

Last year was a tight struggle all year long. The competition was stiff, yet sportsmanship carried the day. Everybody was friendly and active. Strategies were well-planned, diverse and cunning. Some managers opted for "win now" mode while others built the foundations of a long-term dynasty.

Let's make this season as successful as the first season. As the league evolves it will be interesting to observe the dynasty dynamics as young players mature and older players decline. Our teams are mostly the same as last year, but there will be key differences too. A tantalizing new crop of prospects has burst onto the scene, but meanwhile some well-known players have reached the end of their careers. Some players have moved to new MLB homes via trade or free agency. Others have seen their roles change. It is time to evaluate our squads and adapt to the changing circumstances. Without a redraft trades will be more important than ever.

I encourage everyone to post their thoughts in this thread. It adds a lot of fun to a league when the managers actively discuss the league, debate strategies, negotiate trades, bemoan their misfortunes, talk smack, brag about their successes, commiserate with the bottom dwellers and congratulate the fortunate.