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Thread: League of Reds Nation -- the ultimate dynasty

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    Re: League of Reds Nation -- the ultimate dynasty

    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph View Post
    Potentially a really good pic Bum. Nice job. Completely forgot about him.
    Since I was one of the loudest arguers against him being traded, I figured I would put my money where my "mouth" was...

    I hope it works out.


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    Re: League of Reds Nation -- the ultimate dynasty

    Pick 30.4 Justin Duchscherer

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    Re: League of Reds Nation -- the ultimate dynasty

    Bumstead, you will be very happy with that pick. He is a future star up north.

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    Re: League of Reds Nation -- the ultimate dynasty

    30.5 Andy Pettitte

    HayPay has been notified.

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    Re: League of Reds Nation -- the ultimate dynasty

    Quote Originally Posted by AtomicDumpling View Post
    Now that the draft is nearly over it is time to make whatever adjustments you feel might be necessary to balance your team, fill some holes or make some swaps.

    The fight begins on April 4th!

    Good luck -- you are going to need it!
    Nick, Did I read that correctly? You said "fight"!!! j/k, LOL
    Good Luck to you Nick, Brutus and all the gang here at League of Reds Nation!!! I'm always open to trade discussions which, imo, are even more fun!!!


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    Re: League of Reds Nation -- the ultimate dynasty

    The big question that remains: Who will be Mr. Irrelevant?

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    Re: League of Reds Nation -- the ultimate dynasty

    30.6 Daniel Hudson SP CHWS

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    Re: League of Reds Nation -- the ultimate dynasty

    Quote Originally Posted by Bumstead View Post
    The big question that remains: Who will be Mr. Irrelevant?
    Excellent point Bum. Hadn't even thought of that, LOL. Glad you did!!!!

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    Re: League of Reds Nation -- the ultimate dynasty

    Ahh... I thought I was going to surprise everyone when I posted my pick and introduced him as Mr. Irrelevent. I'm pretty sure I know who it's going to be though

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    Re: League of Reds Nation -- the ultimate dynasty

    Post Draft player adds: Do not add players after the draft is over. To make sure everyone has equal access to players when the draft concludes we will prohibit adding players until Noon on Saturday. Starting at 12:00 Noon Eastern Time you may add free agents at your leisure.

    If you would like to make a waiver claim before Noon on Saturday just send me a message. I will manually process all waiver claims on Saturday. This way you can have priority access to a player but it will use your waiver slot. I will agree to not make any waiver claims, so you can feel assured that your waiver claim will be secure and confidential.

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    Re: League of Reds Nation -- the ultimate dynasty

    30.10 Derek Holland

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    Re: League of Reds Nation -- the ultimate dynasty

    30.11 Jordan Zimmermann...

    Take two.

    For real this time.
    "No matter how good you are, you're going to lose one-third of your games. No matter how bad you are you're going to win one-third of your games. It's the other third that makes the difference." ~Tommy Lasorda

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    Re: League of Reds Nation -- the ultimate dynasty

    30.12 (Mr. Irrelevant) Hector Rondon

    I was going to go with Arredondo, but realized he might not actually count as being on the DL according to Yahoo

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    Re: League of Reds Nation -- the ultimate dynasty

    Wow. I can't believe we finished the draft 10 days before Opening Day. Well done gang.

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    Re: League of Reds Nation -- the ultimate dynasty

    For the sake of posterity here is the the complete draft of the inaugural season of the League of Reds Nation -- The Ultimate Dynasty:

    Pick	Team		Player			Pick	Team		Player
    1.1	Tornon		Hanley Ramirez		16.1	Captain Hook	Miguel Tejada
    1.2	Brutus the Pimp	Albert Pujols		16.2	Bumstead	Rickie Weeks
    1.3	reds1869	Joe Mauer		16.3	IowaRed	Placido Polanco
    1.4	thatcoolguy_22	Evan Longoria		16.4	HumnHilghtFreel	Todd Helton
    1.5	Joseph		Tim Lincecum		16.5	Vada Pinson Fan	Drew Stubbs
    1.6	Atomic Dumpling	Ryan Braun		16.6	HayPay		Geovany Soto
    1.7	HayPay		Ryan Howard		16.7	Atomic Dumpling	Gavin Floyd
    1.8	Vada Pinson Fan	Prince Fielder		16.8	Joseph		Scott Feldman
    1.9	HumnHilghtFreel	Felix Hernandez		16.9	thatcoolguy_22	Brad Hawpe
    1.10	IowaRed		Matt Kemp		16.10	reds1869	David Aardsma
    1.11	Bumstead	Troy Tulowitski		16.11	Brutus the Pimp	Frank Francisco
    1.12	Captain Hook	Mark Teixeira		16.12	Tornon		Matt Capps
    2.1	Captain Hook	Jose Reyes		17.1	Tornon		Colby Rasmus
    2.2	Bumstead	Justin Upton		17.2	Brutus the Pimp	Scott Kazmir
    2.3	IowaRed		Miguel Cabrera		17.3	reds1869	Johnny Damon
    2.4	HumnHilghtFreel	Zack Greinke		17.4	thatcoolguy_22	Ryan Dempster
    2.5	Vada Pinson Fan	Chase Utley		17.5	Joseph		Michael Stanton
    2.6	HayPay		David Wright		17.6	Atomic Dumpling	Ted Lilly
    2.7	Atomic Dumpling	Alex Rodriguez		17.7	HayPay		Jonathan Sanchez
    2.8	Joseph		Jacoby Ellsbury		17.8	Vada Pinson Fan	Russel Martin
    2.9	thatcoolguy_22	Ian Kinsler		17.9	HumnHilghtFreel	Erick Aybar
    2.10	reds1869	Jon Lester		17.10	IowaRed		Trevor Hoffman
    2.11	Brutus the Pimp	Carl Crawford		17.11	Bumstead	Corey Hart
    2.12	Tornon		Matt Holiday		17.12	Captain Hook	Roy Oswalt
    3.1	Tornon		Mark Reynolds		18.1	Captain Hook	Michael Taylor
    3.2	Brutus the Pimp	Ryan Zimmerman		18.2	Bumstead	Delmon Young
    3.3	reds1869	Joey Votto		18.3	IowaRed		Jorge De La Rosa
    3.4	thatcoolguy_22	Brian McCann		18.4	HumnHilghtFreel	Chris Carter
    3.5	Joseph		Adrian Gonzalez		18.5	Vada Pinson Fan	Bobby Jenks
    3.6	Atomic Dumpling	Jimmy Rollins		18.6	HayPay		Scott Sizemore
    3.7	HayPay		Clayton Kershaw		18.7	Atomic Dumpling	Adam LaRoche
    3.8	Vada Pinson Fan	Ben Zobrist		18.8	Joseph		Mike Gonzalez
    3.9	HumnHilghtFreel	Chone Figgins		18.9	thatcoolguy_22	Joba Chamberlain
    3.10	IowaRed		Pablo Sandoval		18.10	reds1869	Randy Wolf
    3.11	Bumstead	Justin Verlander	18.11	Brutus the Pimp	Paul Konerko
    3.12	Captain Hook	Dustin Pedroia		18.12	Tornon		Chris Volstad
    4.1	Captain Hook	CC Sabathia		19.1	Tornon		Matt LaPorta
    4.2	Bumstead	Dan Haren		19.2	Brutus the Pimp	Franklin Gutierrez
    4.3	IowaRed		BJ Upton		19.3	reds1869	Phil Hughes
    4.4	HumnHilghtFreel	Aaron Hill		19.4	thatcoolguy_22	Nick Swisher
    4.5	Vada Pinson Fan	Adam Wainwright		19.5	Joseph		Jeff Niemann
    4.6	HayPay		Roy Halladay		19.6	Atomic Dumpling	Octavio Dotel
    4.7	Atomic Dumpling	Victor Martinez		19.7	HayPay		Everth Cabrera
    4.8	Joseph		Gordon Beckham		19.8	Vada Pinson Fan	Francisco Liriano
    4.9	thatcoolguy_22	Grady Sizemore		19.9	HumnHilghtFreel	David Freese
    4.10	reds1869	Robinson Cano		19.10	IowaRed		Garrett Jones
    4.11	Brutus the Pimp	Brandon Phillips	19.11	Bumstead	Leo Nunez
    4.12	Tornon		Nick Markakis		19.12	Captain Hook	Daisuke Matsuzaka
    5.1	Tornon		Brian Roberts		20.1	Captain Hook	Justin Smoak
    5.2	Brutus the Pimp	Curtis Granderson	20.2	Bumstead	Brett Wallace
    5.3	reds1869	Elvis Andrus		20.3	IowaRed		Kevin Slowey
    5.4	thatcoolguy_22	Kendry Morales		20.4	HumnHilghtFreel	Austin Jackson
    5.5	Joseph		Adam Lind		20.5	Vada Pinson Fan	Juan Rivera
    5.6	Atomic Dumpling	Kevin Youkilis		20.6	HayPay		Clay Buchholz
    5.7	HayPay		Jay Bruce		20.7	Atomic Dumpling	Vernon Wells
    5.8	Vada Pinson Fan	Jason Bay		20.8	Joseph		Ricky Romero
    5.9	HumnHilghtFreel	Andrew McCutchen	20.9	thatcoolguy_22	Kerry Wood
    5.10	IowaRed		Justin Morneau		20.10	reds1869	Jesus Montero
    5.11	Bumstead	Andre Ethier		20.11	Brutus the Pimp	Mark Teahen
    5.12	Captain Hook	Jayson Werth		20.12	Tornon		Bengie Molina
    6.1	Captain Hook	Cliff Lee		21.1	Tornon	Matt Lindstrom
    6.2	Bumstead	Josh Johnson		21.2	Brutus the Pimp	Alex Gordon
    6.3	IowaRed		Matt Wieters		21.3	reds1869	Ryan Rowland-Smith
    6.4	HumnHilghtFreel	Michael Bourn		21.4	thatcoolguy_22	Cameron Maybin
    6.5	Vada Pinson Fan	Derek Jeter		21.5	Joseph		Clint Barmes
    6.6	HayPay		Jonathan Broxton	21.6	Atomic Dumpling	Cody Ross
    6.7	Atomic Dumpling	Billy Butler		21.7	HayPay		Alfonso Soriano
    6.8	Joseph		Jason Heyward		21.8	Vada Pinson Fan	Yadier Molina
    6.9	thatcoolguy_22	Tommy Hanson		21.9	HumnHilghtFreel	Erik Bedard
    6.10	reds1869	Aramis Ramirez		21.10	IowaRed		Chase Headley
    6.11	Brutus the Pimp	Yovani Gallardo		21.11	Bumstead	Ervin Santana
    6.12	Tornon		Ichiro Suzuki		21.12	Captain Hook	Hideki Matsui
    7.1	Tornon		Adam Dunn		22.1	Captain Hook	Bronson Arroyo
    7.2	Brutus the Pimp	Ubaldo Jimenez		22.2	Bumstead	Aaron Harang
    7.3	reds1869	Adam Jones		22.3	IowaRed		Dustin Ackley
    7.4	thatcoolguy_22	Jair Jurrjens		22.4	HumnHilghtFreel	Randy Ruiz
    7.5	Joseph		Cole Hamels		22.5	Vada Pinson Fan	Carlos Santana
    7.6	Atomic Dumpling	Johan Santana		22.6	HayPay		Ryan Ludwick
    7.7	HayPay		Stephen Strasburg	22.7	Atomic Dumpling	Adrian Beltre
    7.8	Vada Pinson Fan	Michael Young		22.8	Joseph		David Ortiz
    7.9	HumnHilghtFreel	Shin-Soo Choo		22.9	thatcoolguy_22	Mat Latos
    7.10	IowaRed		Josh Beckett		22.10	reds1869	Maicer Izturis
    7.11	Bumstead	Derek Lee		22.11	Brutus the Pimp	Brandon Wood
    7.12	Captain Hook	Ian Stewart		22.12	Tornon		Kyle Drabek
    8.1	Captain Hook	Torii Hunter		23.1	Tornon	Felipe Lopez
    8.2	Bumstead	David Price		23.2	Brutus the Pimp	Logan Morrison
    8.3	IowaRed		Matt Cain		23.3	reds1869	Trevor Cahill
    8.4	HumnHilghtFreel	Chris Carpenter		23.4	thatcoolguy_22	Chris Iannetta
    8.5	Vada Pinson Fan	Arolidis Chapman	23.5	Joseph		Derek Lowe
    8.6	HayPay		Hunter Pence		23.6	Atomic Dumpling	Chris Tillman
    8.7	Atomic Dumpling	Ricky Nolasco		23.7	HayPay		Ryan Madson
    8.8	Joseph		Yunel Escobar		23.8	Vada Pinson Fan	Tim Hudson
    8.9	thatcoolguy_22	Jonathan Papelbon	23.9	HumnHilghtFreel	Joe Blanton
    8.10	HayPay		Neftali Feliz		23.10	IowaRed		Justin Masterson
    8.11	Brutus the Pimp	Nelson Cruz		23.11	Bumstead	Rafael Furcal
    8.12	Tornon		Chad Billingsley	23.12	Captain Hook	Vladimir Guerrero
    9.1	Tornon		Jered Weaver		24.1	Captain Hook	Jeremy Hellickson
    9.2	Brutus the Pimp	Brett Anderson		24.2	Bumstead	Jhonny Peralta
    9.3	HayPay		Andrew Bailey		24.3	IowaRed		Conor Jackson
    9.4	thatcoolguy_22	Josh Hamilton		24.4	HumnHilghtFreel	Jon Rauch
    9.5	Joseph		Asdrubal Cabrera	24.5	Vada Pinson Fan	Juan Francisco
    9.6	Atomic Dumpling	Carlos Lee		24.6	HayPay		Lastings Milledge
    9.7	HayPay		Nolan Reimold		24.7	Atomic Dumpling	Hiroki Kuroda
    9.8	Vada Pinson Fan	Javier Vasquez		24.8	Joseph		Jeff Francoeur
    9.9	HumnHilghtFreel	Wandy Rodriguez		24.9	thatcoolguy_22	Yonder Alonso
    9.10	IowaRed		Carlos Gonzalez		24.10	reds1869	Michael Brantley
    9.11	Bumstead	Jose Lopez		24.11	Brutus the Pimp	Juan Uribe
    9.12	Captain Hook	Joakim Soria		24.12	Tornon		Dominic Brown
    10.1	Captain Hook	Julio Borbon		25.1	Tornon		Mark Buehrle
    10.2	Bumstead	Miguel Montero		25.2	Brutus the Pimp	John Maine
    10.3	IowaRed		Matt Garza		25.3	reds1869	Daniel Bard
    10.4	HumnHilghtFreel	James Loney		25.4	thatcoolguy_22	Fausto Carmona
    10.5	Vada Pinson Fan	Lance Berkman		25.5	Joseph		Casey McGehee
    10.6	HayPay		Desmond Jennings	25.6	Atomic Dumpling	Travis Snider
    10.7	Atomic Dumpling	Dan Uggla		25.7	HayPay		Edinson Volquez
    10.8	Joseph		Raul Ibanez		25.8	Vada Pinson Fan	Brad Lidge
    10.9	thatcoolguy_22	Jake Peavy		25.9	HumnHilghtFreel	Marco Scutaro
    10.10	reds1869	Rick Porcello		25.10	IowaRed		Carlos Gomez
    10.11	Brutus the Pimp	Mike Napoli		25.11	Bumstead	Bud Norris
    10.12	Tornon		John Lackey		25.12	Captain Hook	John Lannan
    11.1	Tornon		Alex Rios		26.1	Captain Hook	Nick Masset
    11.2	Brutus the Pimp	Alexei Ramirez		26.2	Bumstead	Josh Willingham
    11.3	reds1869	Mariano Rivera		26.3	IowaRed		Chris Perez
    11.4	thatcoolguy_22	Denard Span		26.4	HumnHilghtFreel	A.J. Pierzynski
    11.5	Joseph		Brian Matusz		26.5	Vada Pinson Fan	Miguel Olivo
    11.6	Atomic Dumpling	Shane Victorino		26.6	HayPay		Magglio Ordonez
    11.7	HayPay		Chris Davis		26.7	Atomic Dumpling	Martin Perez
    11.8	Vada Pinson Fan	Carlos Beltran		26.8	Joseph		Aaron Crow
    11.9	HumnHilghtFreel	Bobby Abreu		26.9	thatcoolguy_22	Melky Cabrera
    11.10	IowaRed		Carlos Quentin		26.10	reds1869	Ryan Theriot
    11.11	Bumstead	Carlos Pena		26.11	Brutus the Pimp	Juan Pierre
    11.12	Captain Hook	Francisco Rodriguez	26.12	Tornon		Todd Frazier
    12.1	Captain Hook	Manny Ramirez		27.1	Tornon		Tanner Scheppers
    12.2	Bumstead	Wade Davis		27.2	Brutus the Pimp	Ian Kennedy
    12.3	IowaRed		Stephen Drew		27.3	reds1869	Jose Tabata
    12.4	HumnHilghtFreel	Max Scherzer		27.4	thatcoolguy_22	Kevin Gregg
    12.5	Vada Pinson Fan	Brian Wilson		27.5	Joseph		Brett Gardner
    12.6	HayPay		Rich Harden		27.6	Atomic Dumpling	Jason Frasor
    12.7	Atomic Dumpling	Huston Street		27.7	HayPay		Sean Rodriguez
    12.8	Joseph		Pedro Alvarez		27.8	Vada Pinson Fan	Scott Podsednik
    12.9	thatcoolguy_22	Alcides Escobar		27.9	HumnHilghtFreel	Franklin Morales
    12.10	reds1869	Chris Coghlan		27.10	IowaRed		Fernando Martinez
    12.11	Brutus the Pimp	John Danks		27.11	Bumstead	J.D. Drew
    12.12	Tornon		James Shields		27.12	Captain Hook	Joe  Saunders
    13.1	Tornon		Francisco Cordero	28.1	Captain Hook	Scott Downs
    13.2	Brutus the Pimp	Nyjer Morgan		28.2	Bumstead	Jhoulys Chacin
    13.3	reds1869	Michael Cuddyer		28.3	IowaRed		Shaun Marcum
    13.4	thatcoolguy_22	Kyle Blanks		28.4	HumnHilghtFreel	Joe Nathan
    13.5	Joseph		Kurt Suzuki		28.5	Vada Pinson Fan	Joel Pineiro
    13.6	Atomic Dumpling	Heath Bell		28.6	HayPay		Alberto Callaspo
    13.7	HayPay		Dexter Fowler		28.7	Atomic Dumpling	Brandon Lyon
    13.8	Vada Pinson Fan	Jason Kubel		28.8	Joseph		Brandon Morrow
    13.9	HumnHilghtFreel	Jorge Posada		28.9	thatcoolguy_22	Edwin Encarnacion
    13.10	IowaRed		Carlos Marmol		28.10	reds1869	Phillippe Aumont
    13.11	Bumstead	Nate McLouth		28.11	Brutus the Pimp	Matt Thornton
    13.12	Captain Hook	Howie Kendrick		28.12	Tornon		Mark DeRosa
    14.1	Captain Hook	Ryan Doumit		29.1	Tornon		Brandon McCarthy
    14.2	Bumstead	AJ Burnett		29.2	Brutus the Pimp	Randy Wells
    14.3	IowaRed		Jose Valverde		29.3	reds1869	Gerardo Parra
    14.4	HumnHilghtFreel	Chipper Jones		29.4	thatcoolguy_22	Anibal Sanchez
    14.5	Vada Pinson Fan	Edwin Jackson		29.5	Joseph		Kevin Correia
    14.6	HayPay		Ian Desmond		29.6	Atomic Dumpling	Marc Rzepczynski
    14.7	Atomic Dumpling	Rafael Soriano		29.7	HayPay		Michael Wuertz
    14.8	Joseph		Brandon Webb		29.8	Vada Pinson Fan	Casey Blake
    14.9	thatcoolguy_22	Jason Bartlett		29.9	HumnHilghtFreel	Jonny Gomes
    14.10	reds1869	Scott Baker		29.10	IowaRed		Josh Bell
    14.11	Brutus the Pimp	Ben Sheets		29.11	Bumstead	Juan Gutierrez
    14.12	Tornon		Carlos Zambrano		29.12	Captain Hook	Andruw Jones
    15.1	Tornon		Buster Posey		30.1	Captain Hook	Adam Kennedy
    15.2	Brutus the Pimp	Chad Qualls		30.2	Bumstead	Zach Stewart
    15.3	reds1869	Madison Bumgarner	30.3	IowaRed		Luke Gregerson
    15.4	thatcoolguy_22	Homer Bailey		30.4	HumnHilghtFreel	Justin Duchscherer
    15.5	Joseph		Brian Fuentes		30.5	Vada Pinson Fan	Andy Pettitte
    15.6	Atomic Dumpling	Billy Wagner		30.6	HayPay		Daniel Hudson
    15.7	reds1869	Jorge Cantu		30.7	Atomic Dumpling	Matt Guerrier
    15.8	Vada Pinson Fan	Ryan Franklin		30.8	Joseph		Seth Smith
    15.9	HumnHilghtFreel	JA Happ			30.9	thatcoolguy_22	Kevin Kouzmanoff
    15.10	IowaRed		Rajai Davis		30.10	reds1869	Derek Holland
    15.11	Bumstead	Martin Prado		30.11	Brutus the Pimp	Jordan Zimmerman
    15.12	Captain Hook	Johnny Cueto		30.12	Tornon		Hector Rondon

    This is what the initial draft of a dynasty league composed of skilled and knowledgeable team owners looks like. We can refer back to this in the future to find all the bargains, sleepers and busts that made our teams what they are.

    Now that the draft is finished we will have to rely on trades and free agent pickups to improve our teams. Future drafts in subsequent seasons will help a little due to new crops of prospects every year.

    Time to get those starting lineups finalized, make some last minute adjustments, formulate your strategy, watch some baseball games and start racking up some stats!

    Good luck with your teams everyone.
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