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Here's the thing. Votto is a GREAT hitter. But I don't think his defense ought to be dismissed, either. Votto has worked hard on his defense. I think he has worked on his defense so much that he has turned it from a liability into a pretty decent asset.

He may not be a Gold Glover, but I'd say Joey is solid average, and maybe a tick or two better than average. And it wouldn't surprise me if in three or four years, Votto isn't one of the top three defensive 1B's in the NL.

Wasn't he drafted as a catcher? Didn't the Reds experiment with Votto at 3B for part of a season in the low minors?
He was drafted as a catcher. And his minor stats show that in his first season in the GCL, he played 3 games in LF, 7 at catcher and 19 at 3B. I'll leave others to determine what that record was defensively.