I think we all can agree that this year it looks like the Reds could be a darkhouse team for the Wild Card. And, of course, we all want the Reds to succeed.

However, if the Reds do manage to make the playoffs this year, doesn't that all but guarantee an extension to Dusty Baker?

So, would you accept a playoff appearance if it means another 2-4 years of Dusty as manager? Or, would you prefer the team maybe finish a game or two above .500 if it meant a new (unknown) manager next year?

Personally, I'm on the fence with Dusty. His apparent lack of statistical knowledge frustrates me, but I do think he is a great manager of ballplayers (good clubhouse guy). I still think I would take a few more toothpick chomping years if it meant a winning season that led to playoff baseball returning to Cincinnati.