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Chapman is under the Reds control for 6 years, regardless of when he is called up. His contract has nothing to do with that. In fact, I believe there is nothing in his contract that can void the MLB players agreement regarding control of a player. All his contract does is change from salary to bonus money regarding his arbitration status.

Potentially, IF he reached his ceiling right away, it could cost the Reds an additional 10-15 mil over the life of his current contract, or what comes to an additional 3 million per year. If it goes the full 6 years, we are talking $45 mil over 5 years. He'll be paid 1 mil for this year. And if he does indeed reach said ceiling this year and maintains it, it averages 9 mil per year, but the big money won't take place until, what year 3? 4? Well after Harang, Arroyo and possibly even BP come off the books. Rolen too.

I am soooo not worried about the contract. IMO it should be a non issue, especially regarding his development.

The Reds retain his rights for six years (I believe) regardless. I really think there needs to be a sticky just for chapman's contract
Dear god, yes. Please. It infects damn near every Chapman thread. Everywhere.