Reading the article about Leake got me thinking.

It's early but if he keeps this up, he may very well land the 5th spot. He seems to have that intangible going for him that he knows how to pitch and get people out with location. Sort of a Greg Maddux quality. Not overpowering stuff like Bailey, Cueto, and Chapman. But he just might be able to hold his own especially with the improved infield defense and the amount of ground balls he throws. He's flying under the radar with all the focus on Strasburg and Chapman, but he just may outperform them both because he's more of a pitcher at a young age. I'm pulling for him to be
the 5th starter. That may be the best possible scenario for the staff if Leake comes out on top. It let's Chapman continue to work on control with his off speed stuff in AAA until a trade is made or someone comes down with an injury. and it positions a control type ground ball pitcher after a power pitcher in the rotation to mix things up.


with Chapman as the first alternate from AAA.

This team should contend with that starting pitching. Imagine Chapman out of the pen in the playoffs!