whats wrong with having one or more of the young guns pitch out of the pen this year? Pedro did it. Johan did it. Lots of guys on good teams have had to prove themselves in middle relief before getting a rotation spot. on the Reds we have simply put a guy with promise (the few we get) in the #4 or #5 spot in the rotation. but this year we have a solid 1-2-3-4 & Maloney (low ceiling but still a possible solid major leaguer) & Wood/Leake/Chapman. i don't know a lot about Wood but I suspect Chapman & Leake could pitch out of the pen. beats Fisher & Lincoln as the 6th & 7th relievers. plus it lets them get some major league experience in lower pressure situations before taking over rotation spots in 2011.

the one downside is of course that it starts the arbitration clock. i'm kinda sick of this arguement. if these guys can help the 2010 team then get them on it. i firmly believe we can win this year. no reason to 'wait til next year'

the only other arguement i can think against this is that it will somehow screw up their arm since they have all been starters in the past. again, lots & lots of major league starters began their careers in the pen.