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Bailey will probably be pitching in the #4 spot, so that combination of opposing SP's and his stuff this year points to a big year for him win-wise.
IF I was drafting a Fantasy Team, he would be a sneaky pick for me!
Guess who's the featured player on Rotoworld's Fantasy "Sleeper" article today?

Yep. Homer Bailey.

As far as Harang. You can almost guarantee that when he would pitch the last couple of years, the Offense would get lazy or the opposing pitcher would pitch lights out. It's like both our Offense knows that our Ace is going so, they try to hard to get just a run or two instead of swinging loosely and getting 4 or 5 runs. Also, the opposing pitcher and the other team's defense knows they are going against our ACE and they all raise their game.

And, then there's also Harang's propensity to give up the extra-base hit on a regular basis, thinking he can get a pitch by someone that he's just not going to get that pitch by him. While Harang has not been given the support for the reasons I mentioned, he's also the victim of his own poor judgement when it comes to pitching. Hopefully, with a full season of improved Defense on all fronts, the extra-base hits will be outs and singles instead of Doubles and Triples. The Homeruns will still happen.