From C. Trent's morning notes:

He mentioned, in particular, shortstop Miguel Rojas, "he's special," Larkin said.

I'd heard from Todd Benzinger on the caravan that Rojas could play, defensively, in the big leagues right now and be one of the best in the game. Larkin didn't disagree.

Larkin told a story that the other day he was working on a drill with Rojas and the youngster just couldn't get it. Well, the next day Larkin comes out at 8:30 when he was scheduled to work with some of the young players. Larkin looks out and the field isn't pristine like it usually is in the morning. He asks one of the coaches if the groundskeeper had missed the field. Nope, Rojas was out at 7:30 perfecting the drill. When Larkin got with him again, he "owned that drill."

He also tweeted this:

Larkin also said Billy Hamilton has "game-changing speed"