And I do not see how he could avoid it at this point.....this would be my rotation (the order I mean):


Here's why I would do it this way:

1. In a big three game series against....say, the Cards or the Brewers, I would try to pitch Harang, Chapman and Bailey.

2. Right now, I see Cueto and Arroyo as the least consistent (reliable) starters.

3. In that big series, I would want the guile of Harang (RH) followed by the dominance of Chapman (LH), then the bloodline (number one draft pick) of Bailey. I also think Bailey has really matured with what he has gone through to get to this point.

But doing this brings up some points of controversy.

1. It is tough to make Arroyo the #5 starter after all that he has contributed to the Reds.

2. It would be nice to throw Arroyo right before or after chapman just because of the change of speeds, but Arroyo can be streaky and therefore inconsistent so I really would rather have him as far away from Chapman as possible.

3. We probably have to wait to see who is pitching better, Bailey or Cueto....and make whoever is better at the end of ST the # 3 starter.

I was wondering what everybody else thinks.