So did a quick breakdown of what all the guys left in camp still competing for a roster spot are doing going into the home stretch against better quality pitching... You hear not alot of teams read to much into Spring Training stats but I think it's a tell tale. Last year Gomes should'a made the OD roster based on his spring but they chose the speedy McDonald instead and well the rest is history... I don't want to see a repeat of that mistake this year but I am afraid we will see the mistake made again with Miles...

As of right now the lineup looks like this:

Stubbs 1.107 OPS
Cabrera .543 OPS
Votto .579 OPS
Phillips .513 OPS
Rolen .865 OPS
Bruce .892 OPS
Gomes .915 OPS with a .282 OBP
Hernandez .976 OPS

The bench locks are:

Hanigan .929 OPS
Dickerson .948 OPS
Janish 1.227 OPS

So one OF and one IF position are up for grabs...

OF Candidates are:

Balentien .877 OPS
Nix .829 OPS with a .269 OBP
Francisco .975 OPS

IF Candidates are:

Sutton .856 OPS
Cairo .756 OPS
Burke .646 OPS
Miles .367 OPS

All things being equal Balentien and Sutton should be close to locks... but things aren't equal. Balentien will make the team IMO but even with his poor spring I can count 2.7 million reasons Miles will make it over the far superior Sutton...