Stubbs not starting in CF? Stubbs was the hottest hitter in the last 2 weeks coming out of spring training.

Dickerson/Gomes to platoon in play Nix?? What?? This is the same guy that most expected to not make the team.

Lincoln's the first option out of the pen. I get it, long relief, but Lincoln 7.20ERA and a .346BAA against the Cards is the first choice??

Arroyo's ERA in night games are better than day games. So skip his start Wednesday night and let him start the day game Thursday? REALLY? REALLY!?!

I really wanted to wipe the slate clean with Dusty this year. Maybe it's Jocketty wanting not to waste Lincoln's $2+mil in the minors or give Nix on last chance to show why he should stay before he could be DFA for Leake. Whatever it is I don't think I have ever been more frustrated after the first game, EVER! Hell, I loved the game even if they lost.