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The thing with my golf game is my wildness and penalty strokes just destroys my score. On a typical day, I'll shoot in the mid 90s with that score including at least a half dozen penalty strokes, sometimes more. If I could actually keep my ball in play for an entire round, I'd shoot mid to high 80s more often than not. Heck, even when I do manage to keep my ball in play, I'm still toiling around in trees, trying to punch out of the edges of a forest or attempting to get myself out of a creek. Interestingly, I do tend to avoid bunkers fairly well though.

Once you get tired of looking for your ball, you need to throttle down your swing. Accuracy is infinitely more important than distance, especially when distance puts you out of play or in the trees or rough.

Most baseball players have to go through this before they finally get it. All those years of chasing bat speed are hard to give up.

You want clubhead speed, but only controllable clubhead speed.

If I were you, I'd go to nothing but 3/4 swings until you can keep it in the fairway. You are hitting 5 irons over 210 dude. Problem is you're looking for your ball out on the highway and in people's yards. Try hitting one 185 with a 3/4 swing and see how much fun playing from the fairway can be.