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Yeah, what Redhook said. I've read of people taking the same philosophy of wanting blades from the beginning thinking they'd be forced into swinging correctly.

The problem is that when you're making improvements while you're learning the game, you won't know it using blades, so you won't think you're swinging better when in fact you are. This will make you scratch what you're doing and wind up moving backwards instead of forward. You're never going to go from beginner to hitting shots consistently on the sweet spot all at once. It's a process of improvement that you really need feedback on to know how much improvement you're making.

And also to echo Redhook, the technology these days is so good that forgiving clubs can give you most of what blades can. The only players who significantly benefit from playing blades are those looking to work the ball the way they want to. If you get to a point where that becomes important, you're not going to flinch at the idea fo then buying blades.
Appreciate the response. I wasn't looking to play rounds with the mb's, I was just thinking about getting a cheap set to hit at the range and around the house.