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I hadn't played since the middle of July, but with this incredible weather we've been having the last few days I had to find a chance to get out, so today was the day. I went and played 18 at Beckett Ridge, and it was amazing. I started out bogey, double bogey, double bogey -- 5 over after 3, which, given my 4 month layoff, is about what I expected. But then out of nowhere I knocked one tight on the short 140 yd. par-3 4th and rolled in the birdie putt.

I'm not sure how, but everything came flooding back after that. My drives were finding the short stuff (and rolling forever on the rock hard fairways), my irons were as solid as I've ever hit 'em, and I was inexplicably rolling in 15-footers like I knew what I was doing. I never do that, not even when I was playing a lot. I birdied 7, 8, and 9 for four birdies on the front, and tacked on another on 17 for five birdies on the day. All in all, even after that nasty bogey-double-double start, I fired a 2-over 74. How I did that I have no idea; it still feels surreal.

I usually try not to shamelessly brag like this, but I had to tell my story to somebody (my dog doesn't care much for golf ). Besides, I was wondering if one of you guys (Redhook, SunDeck, Homer, somebody else?) could explain it? I mean, I could all but guarantee if I teed it up tomorrow at a comparable course I wouldn't crack 85. Yet today, after not touching a club for months, every facet of my game from the 4th hole onward was as good as it's ever been. Absolutely ridiculous.
To try and explain a golf score would be a fools errand.

I often ask myself, do I feel any different on the first tee on days that I shoot 72 and days that I shoot 88? What causes great days, and what causes terrible days?

Ever have days where you feel like you absolutely blew a hole away, yet you have a 6 footer for bogey, and you make it? Every have holes where you feel like you did nothing wrong, and you have a 20 footer for a double bogey?

Golf remains the biggest mind-tease of anything I've ever come across. I've played basketball games in front of thousands of people, and have been more nervous standing over golf shots in front of a group of 3 people. It's the dumbest, stupidest, biggest waste of time, effort, money, and spirit in the world. And it's still the best game in the world.