...and it wasn't an upset.

The Blazers, with or without Brandon Roy, are a better team than the Phoenix Suns. Phoenix can't play any defense without fouling. As long as the Blazers stay calm and consistent and take the ball inside most of the game, they will outshoot their opponents at the foul-line and win most of their games just like they did tonight against the Suns.

Portland didn't even play that great. They just played calm and consistent.

Phoenix "might get lucky" and win 2 games, but they'll still lose the series.

Blazers in Six games. Then the Blazers will dispatch the winner of the Mavs/Spurs series before taking on LA in the Western Conference Finals.

The Blazers will then eliminate the Lakers with the help of Brandon Roy and get ready to face the Cavs.

Then, it's anybody's series at that point.