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There is no difference.

Toronto: "Well Scott. We really couldn't find a scenario that worked. How would you like to play the final year of your contract with a contender? You might get a ring. But even if no ring, there's a great chance you'll be in a pennant race and be able to increase your value when hitting the market if you play the way we think you can".

Scott: "OK!"

Seriously this notion that it was Cincy all the way and no other way is lets just say as ways go, way overplayed.
I really think this is a good point. Who is to say that Rolen would not have been willing to go to a contender? And then just tried free agency thereafter?

One thing is for sure, as I said in an earlier post...Rolen is a huge upgrade at 3B. We can't properly evaluate this trade until Stewart makes it to the Show and has been there for a while.