1.) Brandon Phillips isnt taking walks. So far this year Brandon Phillips has taken 8 walks. The problem is with Phillips is that he isnt hitting for average.

2.) Chris Dickerson is having a better year than Drew Stubbs. I have a feeling Dusty Baker also thinks this. Dickerson does have the higher OPS of the 2 but its not by much, and Stubbs has the higher OBP and is a much better baserunner and CFer. I have a feeling a lot of fans think that Stubbs is also striking out more than Dickerson. This is simply not true. 40% of Dickerson ABs have ended in a strike out. 35% of Stubbs have. I personally dont care which one you play, although I would lean to Stubbs.

3.) Jay Bruce is useless. People think Jay Bruce is still struggling. His numbers are down because of the 1st 6 games, but since then he has an OPS of .911. So in other words he has been really good more this year than he has been bad. I really doubt many fans realize this.

Just 3 quick ones I got. Add some if you want but I felt I needed to get this off my mind because I see and hear it on the radio.