I know, I know. Today we looked absolutely TERRIBLE. So far this season we have been rather lackluster as a whole. But look at the stats of the players and ask yourself.... is that the guys true talent level. For just about every single player, the answer is an emphatic NO.

Now some guys aren't all that good, but even those guys are playing well under their true talent level. Things aren't going to continue being this bad. Is Johnny Cueto really a 6+ ERA guy? What about Harang, Arroyo and Bailey? No, they aren't. How good they are doesn't matter much, because we all know they aren't as bad as they have looked so far. Is every hitter on the Reds a sub .700 OPS bat outside of Rolen and Votto? No, they aren't.

I know its cliched to say it, but its early. Funny things happen when its early. This team is going to be better moving forward. How much better, well that is unknown, but the team isn't as bad as it has looked to this point in the season.