Fellow RZ'ers

I've recently started writing a bit for a website called www.sportschatplace.com. Nothing too special really but it's a place for me to voice opinions about betting, fantasy, and general sports opinions where I see fit. I'm going to attempt to write a (at least) weekly column throughout the year, and thought I would share it here. If you have advice, criticisms, or suggestions, please feel free to share. I'm pretty new to this, but want to get used to it by NFL/College Football season.

Here is my first column of the year:

Buy Low
Ben Zobrist
A lot of people thought that Zobrist's numbers a year ago were a bit fluky. However, Zobrist's minor league numbers support the large power outburst supplied in 2009. All along, we knew that the power was there, the only doubt was whether or not he would get enough plate appearances. Chances are, whoever owns Zobrist in your league feels like he overpaid for him this year, and is starting to think those numbers are a fluke. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, you should be encouraged by the fact that Zobrist is showing a 30 SB potential so far this year, and should easily pass his total of 17 from a year ago. Zobrist has hit 16 fly balls this year, and not a single one has left the yard. For his career, he hits them out at about a 14% clip. Expect the power numbers to come very soon. What is encouraging is that he is hitting line drives at an outstanding rate, meaning he's making solid contact when he does hit it. His dual position eligibility only makes him more valuable.