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Two interesting comments

There are many clubs, however, where one big giveaway or new face isn't going to heal the early wounds. The Mets, the Marlins, the Padres, the White Sox, the Blue Jays and the A's are all down more than 4,000 fans per game over the first three weeks of the season and the Reds (3,977) and Indians (3,846) aren't far off.
The one place where new fans are storming the gates this season is in Minneapolis, where the new Target Field has seen the Twins' attendance soar by 14,222 per game. American League attendance is down only 35 fans per game thanks to the Twins. Take the Target Field numbers out of the equation, however, and the other 13 AL teams are off an average of just under 900 fans per game. The National League, with no new parks to introduce in 2010, is off 1,070 per game.