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Jeez the Bats' bats are really awful so far. They need to get a new hitting coach or something going on down there.

And why is Jukich even getting starts there? Shouldn't they be breaking him into a (reliever) role that he might one day be able to contribute to the big club? Between Chapman, Wood, LeCure, Lehr, and what should be Klinker- not to mention some others, Ben Jukich should not be starting games in Louisville.

Like to see what Boxberger is doing. He is definitely the #1 pitching prospect in the system below the AAA level.
I think Jukich got the start because Maloney is likely to be back for the next start and they just needed a fill in. Of course I would have Klinker in AAA starting over Lecure or Lehr if it were up to me.

The Bats bats though.... struggling big time. Almost top to bottom outside of Cozart and Valaika, that line up is just not getting it done at all.