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From John Fay - Baker throws Phillips under the bus


I like Phillips, he's a good player, but he has got to stop doing this.

From last season:

Baker unhappy with Phillips

It will be very interesting to check out the Reds lineup on Tuesday and see if Brandon Phillips is in it.

Phillips was caught not hustling again on what he expected to be a routine fly out in the first inning. The ball was lost in the sky by right fielder Andre Ethier. Because he wasn't running hard out of the batters' box, Phillips missed a chance for a RBI double that would have put him on second with no outs and a 3-0 Reds lead.

"I was just happy I finally did something with runners in scoring position," Phillips explained. "I hit a fly ball to get the run and I was satisfied with that. I hit the ball in the outfield and was 'I missed it.' I put my head down. I didn't know he missed it until I looked back up. I could have done worse and not get the run in at all."

Moments later, Phillips admitted his mistake.

"I messed up," he said. "That's my second time not hustling this year. It won't happen again."

Full story: http://marksheldon.mlblogs.com/archi..._phillips.html