Willy Tavers and Corey Patterson, the whipping boys of redszone (and rightfully so) the last two season. Dusty and Jocketty would brutally ripped for having them on the team, and batting them leadoff.

I understand here at redzone we all love our prospects, but the fact that it's nearly silent how bad Drew Stubbs has been is surprising.


Drew Stubbs has actually managed to be worse than both of them, offensively. It really should come as a surprise to nobody that he's been bad, because he wasn't any good in the minors.

Stubbs needs to be sent to AAA, and try to figure something out to cutdown on his strikeouts with his swing. He doesn't hit for any power, so there's no reason for him to strikeout as much as he does.

I have no idea if Heisey is better, and he may not be, but something has to be changed at this point.