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Who wants Stubbs waived? Who says Cabrera is MVP? Must every position taken on this board be exaggerated until they have no meaning?

Why does one have to be celebrated at the expense of the other?

Seems to me, Dusty made a cagey move in getting Stubbs out of the leadoff spot, a position he is not particularly well suited for at the moment and perhaps maybe never. The human element, it is a factor. And Cabrera seems to fully be embracing his role there and actually has tailored his approach to the slot.

I just don't get being down on either player at this juncture.
I wonder what the title of this thread implies?

Cabrera has done well, no arguments here. But he's Jeff Keppinger defensively now and can't draw the walk over the course of a season. That is casue for concern over the long haul.

I'm enjoying Miguel Cairos run too....but not going to sign him to an extention just yet.