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His "slash line" is almost identical to Jay Bruce's, who most people have thought was having a nice comeback year after 2009, at least until recently.

Stubbs: .251/.323/.433
Bruce: .257/.330/.430

I don't know if this says more about Stubbs or Bruce, but I do find it interesting that their numbers are so close at this point in the season.

Stubbs has more HRs, RBI & SBs, but Bruce has more doubles.

Even their BB/K totals are similar, though Bruce has an advantage there - Stubbs 31/93 in 307 ABs and Bruce 37/88 in 335 ABs
I was noticing this a couple of weeks ago and even commented that were they the same age Stubbs would be considered the better player.

Imagine how hard that is for me to type.

But Stubbs IS older. He's also not far from his age prime years. Bruce has 5 year to get to those, so he certainly has a chance to be scary good.

but right now, Stubbs is the better defender, and is displaying more power. And his numbers are trending slightly up where Bruce's are not.

very odd, this game of baseball. We think we know, but actually, we just don't.