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I have a theory about that I'm calling a "conflict of instinct". This is just a guess mind you.

I think Stubbs baseball instincts, his natural muscle memory tend toward a power/speed game. I think his body wants to drive the ball. His speed is actually secondary to his true offensive game.

As a leadoff hitter he has been told/instructed to be more of a slap hitter. His focus was trying to reach base that way, hit that way. It's alien to him. instead of reaching base he was making outs.

In the 7th spot he's being told to hit in a way his instincts agree with.

And that seems to be working. He's getting on base more, and he's hitting for power.

Again, just my opinion, but I don't think you can remove the human element here.
Your ideas and observations on this continue to intrigue me. I would very much like to know if you have a newsletter to which I can subscribe...