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Maybe the minor league forum bashers of Dirt will lighten up, btw we both wanted Lincecum but smiled and wished Stubbs well.
Eh, I wanted nothing to do with Lincecum either, just wanted 'anyone but Stubbs' on draft day. Still, after seeing him play, I changed my tune a little bit and became more and more a believer. As for the bashing.... doesn't really matter to me. It just cracks me up when someone brings something up that I said to 'show me' when I don't think I have ever done that because it just doesn't enhance any conversation at all and 99.9% of the time, has nothing to do with the point being talked about at the time. Stubbs right now is doing a little worse than I predicted at the start of the year (had him at .345 OBP/.425 SLG at the start of the year), but is well within line for it. Good year for him, hopefully he can keep it going as he moves forward. The guy has his warts as a player, but even with those, he can be a real good player.