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When it comes right down to it, Stubbs still has a swing that's susceptible to slumps and streaks. But this year, it seems like he's worked his way out of the slumps quicker, and there's more power when he's not slumping. Going forward, he may still have those two-week stretches where he can't hit water falling out of a boat, but I think we'll be happy with the season-long production.
You've hit on a great point IR.

Stubbs swing has a bit of a loop to it....which slows it down just a bit in getting to the zone. It's a bit like he's 'loading up' like a softball player. He's got SUCH bat speed and power once he's in the zone, hopefully it can get rectified....and enable him to make better contact without sacrificing power.

The untapped elephant in the living room w/ him is the bunt/infield hits. If he can become a bit more proficient in that area....he will be one of the most dangerous players in the league.