This is Freese's rookie year. At age 27. And so far he's a ROY candidate, all due respect to Heyward, Freese is having nearly as good a year. Going to be a close vote if they both keep playing like this.

Frazier is off to a slow start this year, but he's always been a solid hitter. He's only 24, and though its been said he has no position, I'm thinking he's likely destined for 3B, a position that seems taken for the next three years. Which could see him taking the position at age... 27. Frazier made his professional debut two years younger than Freese, and he's at AAA two years younger than Freese was, so Frazier still has room to grow a bit more.

Freese isn't spectacular with the glove. The best compliment I've heard about Frazier is he is solid at 3B and LF which I take to mean he won't kill you there. Similar to Freese.

So if this is the real David Freese, I hope Frazier can match him. Of course as a Reds fan, I kinda hope Freese falls apart.