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You're reading too much into it. The original topic was about the last 3 or 4 starts. I was pointing out the fact that Cueto had one monster game and Bailey had one stinker of a game in those 3 (4 for cueto at the time...before today's game). Take out those 2 starts and their numbers are very similar. I wasn't talking about all year, or their whole careers...but these past 3 starts (now 4).

As for a pot full of excuses...I'm not making excuses
Ugh, I thought we've been over this a million times with the Drew Stubbs argument. In a game of statistics and averages, you cannot cherry-pick days or weeks or even months. The full body of work is the full body of work. It speaks for itself. I don't believe you can EVER look at the last three starts made by a pitcher and claim that he has bucked any kind of trend. You DEFINITELY can't do it if you are going to remove one of those three starts from the record to try to prove your point. That's just ridiculous.