As always fans jumping off the bandwagon too early. Look he wasn't my 1st selection at that point I liked both Beckham and Smoak better and I am not saying that in hindsight, I just did. That said when dealing with prospects you really have to take everything into consideration. Did I think he'd be struggling like he is in AA at this point, no not all. But I also didn't know he'd break his hamate bone when he did either. I suppose you might "hear" that special sound if he was still regaining his strength. And as Doug has often pointed out despite his lack of success hitting LHP he is still getting on base at a near 33% clip which is pretty solid considering. So let's not write it in stone that he never will hit them, as a matter of fact I think he will. I really see no need to write him off just yet, though I still believe there were better selections to be made as always where the Reds are concerned. When thinking of Alonso just be wary of the tale of Devin Mesoraco, guys don't move forward at a speed that we deem reasonable they are on their own schedule.

If Alonso doesn't start to show some signs of a resurgence in pop later in the season I might begin to be concerned but even then I won't write him off. If he is still having major problems at this point next year then the flags start popping up for me but until then it's meaningless chatter in my mind.