The Votto homerun on Sunday reminded me of another homerun from almost 40 years ago.

My memory fails me as to the exact details of the event 40 years ago and I will explain what I can remember and maybe some other poster can fill in the blanks for me.....anyway, I recall it being the 1972 season and the month being July. The Reds were trailing the Dodgers in the NL West and played a Sunday afternoon doubleheader. They were trailing late in the first game when their reserve catcher, namely Hal King, hit a game winning 3 run HR off of (I believe) Don Sutton. The Reds went on to sweep the doublehader and ended up passing the Dodgers soon thereafter on their way to the NL West title.

Like some other have stated on this board recently, it seems as though the Reds are slowly beginning to gel.....and the game yesterday just seemed to be the kind of memorable moment that can sometimes he looked back upon as the point where a positive wave began.