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I started this thread last year and it is very interesting to read through it. It is amazing how much can change in such a short period of time. Sappelt has seemingly gone from a guy who could be just a fringe major league player to a guy fans are clamoring for to come up and hit leadoff. Two things seem to be consistent from comments from last year. One, he is still hitting the cover off the ball and he is a lousy baserunner.
Spot on. Seems to me I underestimated his willingness (and perhaps to some extent his ability) to improve. Usually when a guy is as undisciplined as he was they don't change much if at all. I went with the odds and I was wrong, good for Dave.

In fact I must say he has turned me into a fan. Anyone who works as hard and as smart as he did to get where he is now deserves my admiration. What he done was toned down his aggression on pitches outside the zone to a degree that I previously would have thought was virtually impossible for 99% of players. And he didn't stop there, he also improved his swing/swing mechanics. If he takes the same approach with his baserunning/basestealing issues he should be ready to go real soon.