Standard 5X5, head-to-head, 10 man league...we play 3 OF's and 1 Utility.

My team.

IF - Miguel Cabrera, Pedroia, Hanley, Reynolds and Suzuki.
OF - Choo, Lind, Swisher
Bench - Derrek Lee, Butler, Pence, Morgan, Boesch
DL - Granderson

SP's - Marcum, Latos, Grienke, Ubaldo, Danks, Liriano, Wandy, Piniero.
RP-s - Contreras, Capps, Nunez and Wood.

I got offered Brett Gardner for Matt Capps. This offer hurts me as far as saves go, but Gardner is really the missing piece in my offense. SB's and runs are what I need. Should I do it and gamble that I can find another closer down the road?