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Thread: 5/22/10 Reds @ Indians--The Greatest Rivalry in Sports Part Deuce

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    Re: 5/22/10 Reds @ Indians--The Greatest Rivalry in Sports Part Deuce

    i saw some highlights on TV. Chin came close to a walk off homer to LF. it tailed fould by a few feet & was just short of the fence. a little to the right & a little deeper & there would be tears in Redsland.

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    Re: 5/22/10 Reds @ Indians--The Greatest Rivalry in Sports Part Deuce

    Quote Originally Posted by Raisor View Post
    last 7 days .321/.345/.429/.773
    last 14 days .286/.314/.367/.681

    When a .773 OPS is a "really hot bat" you know you're talking about a weak bat.
    He also just missed another two doubles on last nights game. He very well could've had 3 doubles at least.
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    Re: 5/22/10 Reds @ Indians--The Greatest Rivalry in Sports Part Deuce

    Cordero will be fine, or at least as good as he really is. Problem is that he had a career year last season, so everyone expects him to be lights out. Only, he never has been except for last year.

    Cordero is a good, but not great closer. He will have a stretches like this a few times a year, but over all he'll save around 80% of the games he closes. I have no problem with Dusty using him as often as he does. Cordero's got a rubber arm and can pitch 3-4 days a week for the whole season.

    But the Reds need to get pitchers in middle relief that Dusty can trust with a lead. In his 15+ years of managing, Dusty has used good middle relievers in tight games when he thinks he has them. He's done it the first two years in Cincy. But he clearly doesn't think he has them this year. Get him guys he can trust and he will use them.
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    Re: 5/22/10 Reds @ Indians--The Greatest Rivalry in Sports Part Deuce

    Final Cincinnati 6, Cleveland 4

    Scoring Summary
    Top 1st: Cincinnati
    Votto singled to shallow center, B. Phillips scored,
    Votto to second on center fielder T. Crowe's fielding error
    Bruce singled to left, J. Votto scored

    Top 4th: Cincinnati
    Nix homered to deep center, J. Bruce scored

    Top 5th: Cincinnati
    Rolen hit sacrifice fly to deep center, B. Phillips scored

    Bot 6th: Cleveland
    Hafner homered to deep center, T. Crowe scored

    Top 7th: Cincinnati
    Bruce singled to center, B. Phillips scored, S. Rolen to second

    Bot 9th: Cleveland
    Crowe singled to shallow left center, M. LaPorta and S. Duncan scored, L. Valbuena to third

    	AB 	R 	H 	RBI 	HR 	BB 	K 	SB  
    Cabrera	5 	0 	0 	0 	0 	0 	0 	0
    Phillips5 	3 	2 	0 	0 	0 	1 	1  
    Votto	5 	1 	2 	1 	0 	0 	0 	0 
    Rolen	3 	0 	0 	1 	0 	1 	1 	0
    Bruce	4 	1 	4 	2 	0 	1 	0 	1
    Gomes	5 	0 	0 	0 	0 	0 	1 	0
    Nix	4 	1 	2 	2 	1 	0 	1 	0
    Hernanz	4 	0 	0 	0 	0 	0 	1 	0
    Stubbs	3 	0 	2 	0 	0 	1 	0 	2
    Reds Batting
    2B - B Phillips 2 (15, F Carmona, J Wright); J Bruce (7, R Perez).
    HR - L Nix (4, 4th inning off F Carmona 1 on, 1 Out).
    SF - S Rolen.
    RBI - J Votto (32), S Rolen (24), J Bruce 2 (18), L Nix 2 (10).
    2-out RBI - J Bruce.
    Runners left in scoring position, 2 out - O Cabrera 1, B Phillips 1, J Gomes 1.
    GIDP - J Gomes.
    Team LOB - 9

    Base Running
    SB - B Phillips (4, 2nd base off F Carmona/M Redmond),
    J Bruce (5, 3rd base off F Carmona/M Redmond),
    D Stubbs 2 (11, 2nd base off F Carmona/M Redmond, 2nd base off J Wright/M Redmond).

    E - B Phillips (2, field).

    WP: J. Cueto (4-1)
    LP: F. Carmona (4-2)

      	IP 	H 	R 	ER 	BB 	K 	HR
    Cueto	6.0 	4 	2 	2 	2 	5 	1
    Owings	1.0 	0 	0 	0 	0 	0 	0
    Herrera	0.2 	2 	0 	0 	0 	0 	0
    Masset	0.1 	0 	0 	0 	0 	1 	0
    Cordero	1.0 	3 	2 	2 	1 	1 	0
    Pitches-strikes -
    J Cueto 93-57; M Owings 12-7; D Herrera 19-10; N Masset 9-6;
    F Cordero 36-26; F Carmona 107-66; J Wright 39-25; R Perez 16-9.

    Ground balls-fly balls -
    J Cueto 7-8; M Owings 1-2; D Herrera 3-1; N Masset 0-0;
    F Cordero 2-1; F Carmona 12-6; J Wright 4-3; R Perez 2-1.

    Batters faced -
    J Cueto 24; M Owings 3; D Herrera 4; N Masset 1;
    F Cordero 7; F Carmona 28; J Wright 10; R Perez 4
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    Re: 5/22/10 Reds @ Indians--The Greatest Rivalry in Sports Part Deuce

    “I was throwing good pitches, but they kept fouling them off,” he said after making 36 pitches. “That was the best I’ve felt. It was big. I didn’t want to give up a game again.” - CoCo
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    Re: 5/22/10 Reds @ Indians--The Greatest Rivalry in Sports Part Deuce

    Rewatching the 9th right now on mlb.tv:
    First batter (LaPorta), Cordero got behind 2-1, and gave up a line single right up the middle.
    Second batter (Grudzdoswoejudojsod), Cordero got ahead 0-2 and eventually got a routine flyout to Stubbs.
    Third batter (Duncan), Cordero got ahead 0-2, and gave up a seeing eye single on an 0-2 pitch.
    Fourth batter (Branyan), Cordero fell behind 2-0, threw two sliders that Branyan waived at, threw a 2-2 pitch that nearly hit him in the foot, then threw a 3-2 splitter in the dirt.
    Fifth batter (Crowe), took a fastball for a strike, then swung at a pitch that nearly hit him the leg to send it to 0-2. Foul. Fastball high. Slider in the dirt fouled off. Fastball fouled straight back. Then Crowe hit a 92 MPH fastball way low into LF. 6-4.
    Sixth batter (Choo), hit a deep foul ball to make it 0-1, high slider to go to 0-2, slider in the dirt, bounced a splitter 2-2, foul, 98 MPH fastball fouled back, 97 MPH fastball high, foul, foul, 98 mph fastball looking. Definatley was a strike.
    Seventh batter (Kearns), flies out on the first pitch.

    It was hairy lol. Hope this helps for those who couldn't see it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Norm Chortleton View Post
    The old Votto is back when he starts cussing himself out between pitches.

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    Re: 5/22/10 Reds @ Indians--The Greatest Rivalry in Sports Part Deuce

    Sixth batter (Choo), hit a deep foul ball to make it 0-1,

    i thought that was going to be another walk-off win.
    there's nothing like bowling a 300 game! 13 now and retired.

    Ricky henderson has a higher OBP than C. patterson and he's retired. C. Trent 6-14-2008

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