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I've heard that splitting the services might result in more videos available for streaming in the future. If that is true, it might eventually work out for the best. The movie industry seems to be trying to keep the dvd market afloat by limiting what can be made available for streaming. As more devices with streaming capabilities come to market, propping up the dvd market to the detriment of streaming may prove difficult. Not to say that dvds will go away. People still love to own them. But dvds as a rental medium may fade.

I think cable faces the biggest threat from streaming. Why subscribe to a premium movie channel when streaming services provide the same content in a more convenient manner?
I agree, DVD's will eventually be on the way out as a standard, but why do this now, before they have even close to enough titles to make it possible to have one without the other? None of the HBO content is available streaming, nor are a ton of films. Basically I see this as a fine move a year or so from now when streaming content has moved forward and indeed started to make it possible to do without the disc service.

I've basically resigned myself to doing away with one or the other, and now I guess I have to choose. I love the convenience of the streaming, but I like the selection of DVD's...Crap. I've got much more important stuff to decide than this.