Since getting my MLB At Bat application or my iPhone, I can tell you that other announcers around the league are better than what is the Reds booth. I listen to Red's games with the away announcers.

I tried to listen to the Reds side of things and lasted about 10 minutes.

Jeff Brantley is awful- sorry, there's just no other way to say it. It's like listening to one of the Truckin' Bozos callers broadcasting a baseball game.

Marty is the type of guy who doesn't give a hoot what he says about people, but if you criticize him, he brings out the "I was here before you" crap. He is seriously one of the most pompous and arrogant people I've ever heard on the radio. He wears his politics on his sleeve, his knowledge of baseball dates to circa 1970, and he comes across as angry on air, something you learn in an introductory broadcasting class not to do.

Maybe someone should tell Thom that batters over the past few years should really "buckle down" against Tim Lincecum. Maybe "change their approach" and he wouldn't be so darned good.