Over the past 2 years, all my favorite shows have ended, and there just doesn't seem like anything else on now that I can invest myself in.

Loved The Sopranos. Hated the ending. Hated the whole final season, actually.

The Wire was the best TV show ever made. I was waiting for Lost to end before I made that declaration but I feel comfortable making that call now.

Lost was just an awesome show. Had some issues with the final season and the series finale but the show as a whole was just captivating.

24 was always a satisfying watch. Liked the finale and I am intrigued by the rumors spreading about a movie, although I am not that excited about the prospect of spending 24 hours in a movie theater.

Only shows left on TV that I make it a point to watch are Man vs Food, Chopped and Hell's Kitchen. The Office has completely jumped the shark and there are no drama/action shows that capture my interest.

Guess I have no excuse anymore not to spend more time reading and/or studying, and playing the guitar.