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I'm betting given that Grandal shares tons of similarites with Alonso - Same School, same agent, same hitting numbers - that it goes down to the wire and he only plays in the AFL this year.

And for anyone wondering about Mesorasco & Soto - Take a gander at the Angels & Rangers recent history with highly rated catchers in the minor league system. Some of those guys are going to fail - plain & simple. Doesn't hurt to have a backup plan at a premium position.

It's insane that the Reds have been a catching wasteland for so long, and now the team is rife with potential big league catchers.
Hopefully he (and the Reds) learns from Yonder's mistake and signs early so he can start getting acclimated sooner. I thought with all that both sides demanded from Yonder it was a shame to waste July and August on negotiations.