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If the main reason he got the job was because of "who he knows" then he doesn't deserve to keep it. Despite the exit of Michaels, WGN folks had 3 yrs to hear Mike and study his ratings. If after all that they still decide to can him then I'll have to believe that his flavor doesn't go over well in the Windy City. Furthermore, I don't think he'd be any more popular anywhere than in Cincinnati
Most people get their job because of who they know -- that's especially true in broadcasting. And, in broadcasting, lots of people see the patience run out as soon as their "patron" gets bounced.

I don't think there's much doubt that McConnell at least deserved the shot to move up to a bigger market. He was a huge pull here in Cincinnati (not exactly a small market) that drew major advertising revenue for WLW and had a very loyal listener base. It didn't translate to Chicago -- it happens.