I've always wondered how much he makes/made or any of WLW's personalities. $500k a year, I know Chicago's more expensive, but wow, good for him. As the article speculates, if he does come back to Cincy, and I hope he does as he's still my favorite talk show host that I've heard on WLW, the only one that really made me think about things, I wonder where he slides in. Would they put him on 55krc? I would think they'd want him on WLW as I'm sure he remains popular here and that has a much larger signal. Put him back in his old time slot and bump sloany or move get ride of sloany all together?

I've got to imagine that Sloan, Fingers and Amazon are a little nervous at the moment as this could spell a big change for any of those 3. I imagine Tracy Jones is pretty well entrenched into his role as the antagonist to the "professional radio guy"