The problem is that EA's new system doesn't recognize a situation where, say, two brothers in the same household want to share one copy of a game they both play infrequently. One brother has to pay 10 dollars to go online. Not to mention that EA's system of "unlock codes" has been buggy in my experience. I had an unlock code when I bought Bad Company 2 new that somehow reset itself (removing content from my player profile)... and the code they gave me stayed "used".

What happens when I buy an EA Title at launch, play it for a week... have my code glitch out, and then the game asks me to pay 10 dollars to get online again? Hell, what happens to rental services now? If you want to rent an EA title to play online for a week you have to pay for the rental AND the 10 dollars to get online, even if you send it back within a few days?

This is rubbish. I generally don't jump on board the EA-hate wagon but I'm going to have to refrain from buying any new EA titles moving forward. Games are already too expensive as is. These companies make MASSIVE amounts of money selling a disc, some plastic and some paper for 60 dollars as is.

Give me a break.