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Sony signed off on cross play for Fortnite -- which means, for the first time ever, Xbox and PS4 will be able to play against one another online.

What a time to be alive.
I haven't played a video game in probably 3 years. For a while though, at least during the offseason, I was a very big Call of Duty player. I'm an Xbox guy. I just hate, with a passion, the Playstation controller. I loved it until the non-enormous sized Xbox controllers came out - but once those things existed it made the Playstation controlled feel stupid and I just can't go back. But most of my friends were all Playstation guys, so we never were able to play together (which might be a good thing, because they all sucked at the game.... but it would have been fun at times).

More games need to figure this out. I understand why Sony and Microsoft would prefer to not have it happen. It keeps you and your friends on whichever platform you are on. But from a consumer standpoint, it's trash and I hate it. Props to Fortnite for making this one happen.

On a completely different note, anyone out there a PC gamer? My cousin just grabbed a new 2080 and is trying to sell his 1070ti and can't get a single bite at $200, and I can't figure out what the heck is happening. It's almost to the point where I might buy it from him just to upgrade from my 1060 (6GB) card. I don't even game, but it does come in handy a little bit while editing video - though not nearly as much as upgrading my CPU would (6700k, currently). What am I missing on why no one would buy that card for that price? I mean, sure, it's used, but that's a $450 card brand new, still a rather high end card that can handle almost anything you are throwing at it....