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The real problem I see with ECU, at least in the short term is that they're better than their national reputation. Guaranteeing that you have to go to East Carolina every other year(which is apparantly a witch to win in) and if you win you get little recognition and if you lose, you lost to a team that's lucky to be in the Big East. At least that's the perception I'd fear. I like the idea of moving West with Missouri, Iowa State, Kansas and Kansas St. Those four schools all have some national recognition, and are probably easier places to win than Greenville.
Its why I wouldnt stop with 12 with the big east. Go fourteen and then you only have to make 2 real trips east. All of the eastern schools are fairly close to major metropolitian airports which limit the real travel. Memphis to Cincy 7 hr drive.

Manhattan would be the furthest point west and that would be a 12 hr trip from Cincy. For the non revenue sports just setup schedules so that when they go to KSU they hit Kansas and/or Missouri on the way back. If theyre travelling by bus. Not sure of the airports in Kansas.